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...We now return to our regularly scheduled program...

Today is the first day I'm back at school at the Culinary Institute of America. Yay!

The months of pounding on my various health problems (mental and physical) seems to have paid off. While it was humid and hot today, I only started wheezing after class was over. I didn't have any panic attacks, in spite of leaving some important things at home. I worked well with teammates that seemed genuinely interested in doing a good job (instead of competing egos like a previous group did), and the busiest kitchen on campus put out 214 plates for our first lunch ... most of that within the first 15 minutes of our opening. And amazingly, everyone worked hard to keep their own dishes clean so that when it was time to close down and cleanup, we got done very quickly. Yay! I _like_ this group! Hopefully, this'll be the last time I have to switch groups.

Alas, though, the day caught up to me... I didn't make it up to school until late, so I only had a few hours sleep before my first class, and now that I've undone the ballerina-bun of hair, exchanged the chef's jacket and houndstooth pants for 'civies', I find myself feeling drifty. Time to nap before getting homework done.

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