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Comming up next...

... I'll have to write in more detail later, but seeing that I've been so busy that I've been doing LJ entries in my dreams and not managing to get them down onto electronic paper, here's a brief update of what's been going on in my life:

1) Externship: Yes, I did get an extern site nailed down. Hamilton Farm Golf Club is an exclusive country club tucked away in the Somerset Hills. The original farm property also houses the U.S. Equestrian Team alongside two courses, a clubhouse, the original mansion, several extra buildings and several hundred acres of undeveloped woodland. More about the HFGC in another post.

2) Health: Unfortunately, it continues to frustrate my attempts at progress. The plantar fasciitis/heelspur is still being dealt with (and still in pain), a new problem cropped up with my right thumb which has caused the thumb to swell and the base joint to hurt in certain directions. To add to the list, the odd weather shifts of this past week resulted in a asthma attack (which I'm currently recovering from) and a date with my portable nebulizer. More details later when I'm fully recovered from the asthma attack (hopefully tomarrow).

3) School: Externship is technically my 3rd semester, but due to financial and health difficulties I have to delay returning to school for my fourth semester. How long the delay will be depends on what happens with my thumb, which is the immediate issue.

4) Conventions: While the golf club was actually closed for the month of January, I did not go to Further Confusion because of my health. It would not have helped and likely would have aggrevated the plantar fasciitis. The next con for me will be Anthrocon in July -- regardless of my school status, the school is closed for Summer Break during July, and it's a local con for me. How much stuff I'll have to sell at the con is problematic, but I'll still have my button machines and will be doing sketchbooks.

5) Art: Obviously, I've not been doing a lot of art for the past few months, although it started picking up this month. Having some artist friends come down from Canada to visit this week certainly helped. I drew the last picture in the "Bible of ZigZag" -- literally, the last page of the book. Whee!

And now, it's time for drugs, another round of the nebulizer, and off to bed while my coug'r watches the Malaysian Gran Prix. G'night, folks.

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