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Opening Ceremonies...

Today (Saturday) was rather hectic at the club as it was the official Opening Day for the season. I've been hard at work all day Friday and today preparing items for the party that hit the clubhouse tonight. Heck, yesterday I even got a chance to taste what a $700-per-bottle wine is like (after we cleaned up for the night, that is.) The hives I get from sulfites in wine didn't get any worse last night, which was a good thing (we use wine heavily in the club cooking, including non-cooked items like vinaigrettes and that's where my allergies are biting me. I am taking my antihistamines but I'm still getting the hive-rash reaction with some things, so I'm trying to be careful while still learning about wines). Tonight, we had 60 guests partake in a 6-course meal, and managed to get through it all with only minimal stepping on each others' toes (the kitchen is too small for the kind of functions we're doing). The final course was the item I've been working on for two days: Lemon curd in puff pastry tart-shells. It would've taken less time if we had more than 8 tart pans to bake the 80 shells in... *whew!*

After a hot cup of chocolate-mint cocoa, I'm finally relaxed enough from the day to realize how tired I am. Time for bed... since I need to be back at work at 9am Sunday morning. *yawn*

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