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On the bright side...

I do have a little distraction... Uru: Ages Beyond Myst

It's interesting to note that this new chapter in the MYST saga lets you choose from either the classic first-person view, or the new third-person view -- and has a rather intriguing engine to help you build your 'avatar' (they highly suggest that you make it look like the RL you). Uru had two main components: The single-player CD Rom game, and a MMORP environment. Sadly, if you click on that link, you'll see that the UbiLive component of this project has been closed down. Oddly enough (to me) it closed down February of this year, a year after There.com first opened its doors for beta-testers like me. And since There has gone "live" for real since September 2003, and URU came out just after that, I have to wonder if there's a correlation; Not necessarily directly involving There, but of the whole MMOG movement.

In any case, the game itself is just as engrossing as its originator was back when MYST was first released (has it really been 13 years???) and the music, environmental sounds, and visual imagery are spectacular... as soon as I get a few spare dollars, I need to pick up the audio CD.

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