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Flashes to sleep by....

Well, the massive thunderstorms they've been warning us about have finally reached our area. At least this time I'm awake to watch some of the lightshow before going to bed -- last week we had an erratic squall-line that rushed through in waves of thunderstorms, but it all happened so late at night I just remember waking up four or five times in the middle of the night from the light and sound. I was too tired to actually get up and watch.

I don't know if it's because of my desert childhood, because I'm strongly affiliated with Fire and Air, or if it's just that wilderness-heart of mine, but I love thunderstorms. Nature's fireworks show always fascinates me. It seems to lift my heart no matter how bad my mood was before.

Today I had an MRI done on my right thumb: I should know by the end of the week what the study reports. Part of me wants them to find something -- some physical evidence why it's been bothering me so much for the past 5 months. And yet, I hope they don't find anything. Maybe it really is just a strained tendon which takes a long time to heal. I don't know if I could handle having two surgeries in a matter of months, since my Podiatrist has now officially started the paperwork rolling for my left foot. If I don't find an alternative solution to invasive surgery before the surgery date, I'll be unable to start school until October (If I'm lucky, that is). At least the date is after Anthrocon, so I won't have to worry about having to use a wheelchair at the con (The standard invasive procedure requires 12 weeks before I could put any weight on that foot, and the foot would need to be in a position where gravity won't cause undo strain on the post-op region for at least a month, if not longer). *Sigh*

Well, the flashes and rumbles are getting closer together, so I should shut down my desktop. Time to enjoy the show.

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