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Micole Khemarrica
I couldn't resist...
Thanks to kagur and susandeer for this silly quiz:

The \\
Last Cigarette:Never (I don't smoke)
Last Alcoholic Drink:Mudslide (a decent one at Chili's)
Last Car Ride:Sunday 7/25
Last Kiss:5 minutes ago... :)
Last Good Cry:...dunno... had some 'bad cries' last week, tho.
Last Library Book:Tudor Economic Documents
Last book bought:Between Darkness and Light -- Lissanne Norman
Last Book Read:Stronghold Rising -- Lissanne Norman
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:The Bourne Supremacy (good!)
Last Movie Rented:Uhhh... (others rent, I just watch) Bulletproof Monk
Last Cuss Word Uttered:Bullsh$t! (I luv Penn & Teller!)
Last Beverage Drank:Pacific Chai: Decaf Vanilla Chai
Last Food Consumed:Arby's Chicken Salad Sandwich
Last Crush:a certain black bunny....
Last Phone Call:Hamilton Farm Golf Club (checking on me)
Last TV Show Watched:... does Music Choice (cable radio) count? It's on now...
Last Time Showered:Last week (darned cast).... simple bath yesterday
Last Shoes Worn:Teva dress sandle (yes, singular) on Sunday
Last CD Played:Uru Music
Last Item Bought:Copic Marker accessories (colorless blender!)
Last Download:Copic Marker palette for photoshop
Last Annoyance:Stuck with my foot in a cast... continuing annoyance. :)
Last Disappointment:Missing the Big Game jackpot (1 winner, 230 mil!)
Last Soda Drank:Sprite Beryclear Remix
Last Thing Written:Website layout
Last Key Used:my car key...
Last Words Spoken:"Calamity, Fetch! Get the ball, Lammy!" (she's a cat who plays fetch)
Last Sleep:7 hours ago.
Last Ice Cream Eaten:Does a Wendy's Frosty count? Then it'd be Saturday.
Last Chair Sat In:The grey napped-cloth loveseat I'm currently stuck in. :D
Last Webpage Visited:ClosetMaid.com


Current Mood: geeky geeky
Current Music: Madness -- Our House

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