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Am I Ready?

My art pack is packed, I'm bringing a singular box with 2" button supplies (for personal buttons), a stack of Katmandu #25 (I'm published! Whee!) and even got one Art Show piece done, mats for 2 more, and one tiny IKEA frame for a fourth (yea, like I'll actually use them all). Once I get my clothes stuffed into the backpack, I can shower and go to sleep.

Am I Ready? Good question. Time for those pre-event jitters to hit, even if they're later than usual.

Seems that while I'm prepping for ZonieCon, all my friends are talking about Conifur (which is next week) and Midwest FurFest (next month). I even have a local friend convincing me to join a small group of Delaware Valley furs who are going to drive to MFF, and I'm more than half tempted on taking him up on it. After all, Wolf will be with me in the lack-of-job department, I can use the small amount of funds that selling my art can bring me, and there are some friends I'd like to see who will be there.

It does seem that I'm spending all my weekends seriously away from home right now... on the other hand, if my plans work out I'll be going to college this March and won't have this much free time for a rather long duration. I'll be lucky just to make my 2 traditional cons... so I might as well enjoy the ride. (After all, I *like* roller-coasters....)

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