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And now, our monthly update

My foot is actually feeling better!

On Wednesday, I went to my podiatrist for a checkup and got the okay to return to work. Chef Bruno called the same day to ask if I wanted to come back to Hamilton Farm, which I do. He's changing my role a little: I'll be primarily working on Purchasing and Inventory, helping out in the kitchen when needed. This is right up my alley, and I'm happy to help take some of the non-kitchen duties off Bruno.

Now, we still have to schedule surgery for my bunion, but Dr. U wants my heel to be completely stable before that, so I'll be seeing him in December to check on my heel's progress. I can feel a dull pain on the bottom of my heel, and I still have little problems -- ironically with my ankle (muscle atrophy from being in the cast), but I no longer need the walking cast nor crutches, so I'm happy.

On the other hand, the active hurricane season's playing havoc with my breathing. Actually, everyone with asthma or other respiratory ailments are having a hard time of it, so I'm not alone in my misery. I have a thermometer/humidity sensor by my bed and whenever it goes over 65% I can feel it... and for the past few days, it's been 80-83% humidity. *wheeze*

In other news, it looks like we may get a respite from financial drowning... as the value of our house has increased more than we expected, getting it refinanced will leave us something to actually use (pay bills, fix problems in the house, etc.) While not enough to help me get back to school, it should take a load of stress of everyone. *crossing fingers!*

Oh, a couple of weeks back, during a whirlwind yard-cleaning, Wolf discovered one of our transplanted fauna survived... Toka and I had bought several mantid cases many years ago to plant around the yard as a form of pest control, and Wolf found a rather large one in the tall grass we were mowing. The Chinese Mantis was well over the usual 4" length often quoted in etymology guides! Yay! I always wanted a mantis as a pet when I was a kid... of course, there's no way I could keep one in the house now, not with 7 cats and an insectiphobe as a housemate, but it's nice to know they're alive and well in our semi-tamed wilderness. Wolf grabbed his digital camera and took a couple of pictures with me and the mantis.

More Mantis Pictures

We also spotted a garter snake sunning itself on our front lawn, but he was much too wary to let Wolf snap a picture of him before he darted under the front porch. I love seeing suburban wildlife. :D

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