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A little of this, a little of that...

Okay, since I completely missed posting for Halloween and such, here's a little update.

This has been a lean year for the Caer and many of our friends, so I wanted to do something nice if low key for Halloween. Folks were encouraged to wear costumes, and we did have a few surprises (whoever got a picture of Coug'r as Thirst, I wanna copy!) I mostly spent my time in the kitchen one way or another, although I did get to socialize a bit. It was what we call a 'relaxacon' environment. Overall, folks had a good time, which makes me happy... even if I did have a minor anxiety attack trying to find the Dremel pumpkin carving kit that was bought earlier. Next year I'm going to mark my calendar and attempt to actually get things ready much earlier, perhaps even get the house decorated to look perfectly gothic (or at least convincingly spooky: after all, the architecture of the late Victorian house is perfect for a classic haunted house!)

Then came a much scarier event: Election Day. I consider myself a Jeffersonian Constitutionalist, to which there is no political party that truely fits with all my ideals... the Libertarian Party is the closest group out there actively trying to reduce government and preserve personal rights without any religious interference, so I voted for Michael Badnarik, who actually came in fourth this year. As for local positions that did not have an independant running, I voted "none of the above". Anyone who thinks "Why bother voting for anything other than the big two? It's a waste of a vote" should review American History a bit. They might be surprised to know that the Republican party of Lincoln's day was the left-wing liberal party, and once upon a time there was this conservative political party called the Whigs that was dominant but is now extinct. I believe that knowledge is power, and that includes voting based upon education and information instead of knee-jerk reactions and blind loyalties. I will not vote by peer pressure, nor will I listen to any character assassination smoke-screens.

I listened to one "Presidential Debate" so I could say I did ...and that it simply confirmed my opinion that they were less than useless. I want to hear debate, not mudslinging. I would have preferred to have seen ALL 52 Presidental candidates in the debate, or at least have the major 'third parties' represented. As it was, 18 candidates received votes from the populace in spite the media trying to make voters forget that they can always vote for someone other than those annointed by the "Two Party System". It's no urban legend that local government positions have been won by write-ins like "Mickey Mouse" or someone's pet throughout our history. It's the populace's way to create a "Vote of No Confidence" regarding their representatives. Events like California's ousting of Gray Davis in favor of "The Governator" scare the political social caste, because it reminds them of the reality (as best seen in A Bug's Life) about what power "a few" have over "the many" when the many decide that conditions are intolerable.  Okay, enough sociopolitical ramifications for now.

I got the heads up from Chef Bruno that as Hamilton Farms Golf Club's season comes to a close (they shut down entirely for the month of January, and up to then there's just a few parties happening), they have to cut back on employee hours... so I'm scheduled to work only two days a week. Even if I manage to get extra pay as a Holiday worker at Williams-Sonoma, it's still gonna be a lean winter. I think gifts this year are gonna be limited by what I can make... as in, pies and cookies and such. *Sigh* But I'm not gonna let that bring me down, I'll just tough it out. After all, in some ways things are better this year than last, and if I can keep trudging through the morass eventually I'll find myself clear of it and on my way upwards.

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