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An early Winter Holiday gift for someone...

... who really needs it more than I do.  My hair, that is.

I was thinking about it on and off for a while, and suddenly around Halloween something went it's time in my head, so I looked into the Locks Of Love project, checked their 'participating salons' for a nearby shop, and set up an appointment.

Considering that in the 37 years I've been hanging around this space-time node I've never had my hair cut beyond the rare 'trim' (maybe 3 times in my life) and the childhood trauma of my mother giving me bangs a la' bowl (it really was traumatic... my sister had been playing 'Barber' with a neighbor and managed to get a swath of her hair snipped off, so mother but a bowl over her head to neaten the cut into some semblance of bangs. As I watched, mother grabbed me and said "Your turn!" which I thought was completely unfair as I hadn't done anything wrong... and try as I might to get the bangs to go away, mother always caught them in time for school pictures to trim them back. I hated it, I thought it looked bad on me and bad technically, and the first thing I did when I left home for good was to let my hair heal from that damage.) So, I'm sure that my decision to donate to Locks of Love, while admirable, will shock many of my friends. On the bright side: since I started on my culinary career path, I've noticed my hair has been growing faster. I'm sure keeping it bound in a bun while working has contributed to the growth, certainly the healthier environment I'm living in has helped. So, if I get tired of this look, I could let my hair grow back down to my tailbone.

And now, for the scary Before and After pics!

In case anyone's wondering: no, I didn't get my hair colored as part of the cut. My chameleon hair is temperature sensitive and winter usually sends my hair into reddish-brunette which is the dominant color of my now-shorter hair. Come summer, it'll go back to antique gold (provided I actually get out in the sun). Likewise, my eyes change color according to mood, health, weather, and occassionally by what I'm wearing.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

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