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Lazy weekend? - Micole Khemarrica — LiveJournal
Lazy weekend?
This weekend my buddy Bennie had a Halloween Get Together at his place. While costumes were nice, nobody ended up wearing any -- I brought mine, but was too busy cooking in the kitchen to put it on.

It was nice hanging out, chatting with SusanDeer and her husband about things Geeky, like Linux and GIMP and Amigas. SusanDeer and I stayed busy in the kitchen, me with my pies and Sue with mulling cider. The rest of the party of folks were in the living room, watching the animated CLERKS series, and playing Playstation 2 games. I have "Devil May Cry" and can actually play the silly thing! Whee! :3

There was also an interesting 'cat' situation: Gideon brought over his two kittens for the weekend, which was a playful distraction for most folks and a test to see if Astor's allergies would act up. A stray cat apparently had been hanging around Bennie's 2-acre yard for a few days, and Gideon even went out and the cat approached him, the rest of the night the cat hung out looking into the windows facing the front porch or wandering around the yard crying. On Sunday morning we discovered the poor thing huddled out on the (stone) porch and Bennie decided to take pity on it and bring out some of Gideon's kitten's kibbles and a bowl of water.
The cat was friendly enough and devoured the food, and after I did a cursory examination (I'm not a vet, after all, just hung around cats most of my life and studied them) I figure she was: a) not a stray, but someone's pet (didn't shy from people, didn't respond like a feral) and didn't look like an "American Backstreet" mongrel (my immediate thought was that she looked like a black angora, which is not a common breed at all), b) originally well cared for and unable to hunt on her own (too thin, felt every rib), c) possibly injured (hissed when her hips were palpatated, hind legs didn't move right), d) hasn't been out very long (in spite of starving, coat wasn't brittle or matted) and e) a middle-aged cat (slower moving, danders on the pelt that usually show up in older cats). Bennie took her in (definitely female, fixed), and they'll look out for flyers if someone lost such a fine cat, but considering the time of year and her coat color, she may well be an abandoned cat. Such a crime, but she may well have a new home now if nobody claims her.

Sunday the remaining crew of Bennie, Astor, Gideon, me and my coug'r grabbed our dragon-friend Palanth and headed for breakfast, then did a mall-crawl and found.... Legos for cheap! I spent a chunk of the afternoon building a tiger head out of lego blocks... face it, the only way I'll be able to do any proper lego-work is to buy the fancy 'sculpture kits' with thousands of blocks in one color -- I ran out of red double-wide bricks!

Overall, it was a fun and sort of lazy weekend. Now I'm back to the depressing job-hunting grind of the week.

Current Mood: discontent discontent
Current Music: dj fluffalump - solid audition mix #466

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