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The good, the bad, and the ugly...

The good: I saw my podiatrist today. He wants me to do a little more physical therapy, I'm allowed to wear regular shoes more often instead of the walking-cast (as long as I don't do anything strenuous like excercise, shovelling snow, etc.) and I'm to see him in a month... likely for the last time, if my foot continues its current pace of healing.

The bad: Knowing about the massive snowstorm that's heading our way, I decided to stop by the nearest grocery store (in spite the fact I really don't like the place) and pick up a few things I've run out of (juice, fruit, tunafish, the usual...) While at the store, I suddenly got the familiar-bad feeling of my intestines playing havoc. There's nothing so demoralizing as having to use a grocery-store's restroom when you have an intestinal emergency. *sigh* This also lead to...

The Ugly: getting into a car accident prior to a blizzard is a bad thing but it could be worse... getting into a car accident because you're shaky from intestinal distress, nervous about getting home before said storm, and less than confident in your driving skills while wearing a walking cast (Sterling's got manual transmission) is just icing on the anxiety cake. Fortunately, it was only a minor mishap resulting in more scrapes than actual damage to both cars. Unfortunately, it's definitively my fault which will affect my already costly insurance (yay New Jersey. Not.) and the damage was enough to disable the pop-latch on the fuel-cap's door, locking it closed. And, as an attempt to get our insurance down to something less than banruptcy-creating, there's no collision insurance on my car... so, I'll be paying out of my moth-eaten pockets. *SIGH*

I'm going to go hide in the bathroom now, lest something worse comes after me.

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