January 22nd, 2003

chill relaxed

Time is running out... to the store?

I don't like being a flat-broke student. I don't want to kill myself working a job while going to school, either.... which is why conventions are rather important for me now.

I feel kinda stretched at the moment, what with FurtherConfusion in a few days, the end of my Lunch Cookery class this week, preparing for the next class (Garde Manger, pronounced /Garn Mar-Jey), the impending 2nd Term Cooking practical, and the upcomming externship...

Right now, I'm trying to focus on the con, getting these CDs made, picking up what last minute supplies I can afford with no money left... at the same time, I'm being the usual worrywort about school. I really do wish that I had been on externship already (at least, the site I wanted to work at in Silicon Valley), but I'm working on keeping my head together for what will be the shortest con-stay I've ever done.