January 26th, 2003

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FurtherConfusion: Part IV


Busy day, fun day, not long enough. :D

I spent most of my con day in the Dealers Den as usual, busily drawing and button-making. Then a small group of us went out to eat at a pleasant restaurant.... but the best part of the day was later in the evening, when Sue, Bennie and I headed for the pool and jaccuzzi. I got a chance to chat with Heather Bruton and Frank Gembeck while relaxing in the hot tub. Seems everyone had a poor showing at the con, which wasn't too surprising to me as the recession and Tech implosion were still impacting Silicon Valley (regardless what the economic pundits said). I did better than I expected, considering that I had no new prints out, but then again my sights are usually much lower than pros like Heather.
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