May 11th, 2007


Projects new and old

Okay, as part of my New Years Resolutions (yea, riiiight) I went down a list of projects and seriously considered what needs to be done to finish them.  One of those long-standing projects is to get more information about khromatai on the web.  Another several projects require me to update websites and domains I've had for well over ten years.  After looking over things, I've made a couple of decisions:

1)    I have to learn some new software packages, or at least become more familiar with software I've only cursorily used.  So, I've acquired some CBT (Computer-Based Training) CDs on Dreamweaver and Illustrator.  Along the way, I'll get more pointers on some advanced and/or new features for Photoshop and other software now bundled in Adobe's Design Premium package.  Once I have all those comfortably under my belt, I can work on the nine-plus domains I have and put content on them.

2)  Over the years, I've tried to get stories of the khromat world out in various means, but was never very happy with the results.  Ultimately, information about the khromatai needs to utilize color, sound and motion -- but that's far more than I can do right now.  So, I've decided to step back and start from an old premise but with a new direction: comics.  Face it, I'm a visual person; most people find pictures easier to understand than wrapping their brain around words.

With that in mind, I've recently acquired a collection of books to get me into the correct mindset and methodology to accomplish this:

Comics and Sequential Art by Will Eisner
Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative by Will Eisner

The first one is pretty much the bible, the second gets more detailed about the longer format -- Will Eisner is required reading.  The next set are equally useful:

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud
Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels by Scott McCloud

I had a copy of Understanding Comics once that had become lost over the years and it never hurts to re-read something... the second is his newest book which apparently was published just last year and has been praised as a serious how-to book by folks who study this stuff (thanks, cooner, for the heads up!)

Now armed with this knowledge (which will take a bit to read through) I should be able to move to the next step: outline and development of at least two comic series regarding khromatai.  The first one will be a webcomic strip; the second will be formatted for hard copy but will likely debut online.  A third 'animation-strip' may happen if I think my skills are up to the task.

If I can get these two major goals accomplished -- or even at least moving -- before the close of this year, I will be very happy and take a  large load off my  shoulders. :D
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