August 12th, 2008

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The continuing saga....

... of my health.    (Current diagnosis: silent reflux disease affecting my throat)

Yes, another month between postings, and yes it's because RL kept me busy.  After not one, but two scary trips to an ER because of heart palpatations and anxiety, my doctor told me I had to stop doing high-stress activities.  Problem: the nature of my chosen career path in general and my job at Guckenheimer in specific was high pressure and high-stress and there really wasn't any way to reduce that.  So, we parted ways. 

Now comes the 'fun' part.... I was the one who had the health insurance for the pair of us.  Coug'r had been a contractor working with a company who really likes him, and there was talk about converting him over to be an employee after a grace period had passed with the contractor.  But there was still questions about how exactly they were going to do that, what his status would be (W2 employee or independent contractor?) and when that was going to happen.  My change in job status helped push things through in a good way, but there would be a month before his insurance would be in effect... yay, COBRA to the 'rescue'.   If I didn't have all these tests to do, we wouldn't need COBRA and I'd just coast on my current meds until the new coverage took over.  But tests are stupid-expensive, and I am needing them, so we pay the COBRA for one month to deal with the gap in coverage.

Meanwhile, I distract myself from my health and financial situation by processing the enormous quantity of lemons we helped harvest.  I may have issues in a time-compressed commercial kitchen, but I can still cook  and I have a pile of Renaissance Period recipes for preserving citrus that I've been meaning to play with.  I've also been using the grill more for dinners, not being tired from a long day in front of one.

There is also the slow continual unboxing of stuff, the organization of cruft and craft, and in general working on house.  I have a storage unit partially filled with boxes that I'd like to move out of the rental unit and into the garage, but the garage is still cluttered with the boxes and stuff of the manic move, and so I have to get that cleared out first...  SOMEWHERE in all these boxes is my canning equipment and I'm rather upset I can't find it anywhere, as it puts a damper on the before-mentioned lemon processing.


So, while we're working on trying to get my health back to something I can go out and work with, I'm stuck with the problem of money.   Coug'r is gonna work on getting my old CD stuff up on his business site, which is nice, but I think it's time I get back into commissions.  I was thinking about doing an avatar picture set -- one full-color image on 9x12 paper with a matching 3" button for $50. 

Heck, maybe I should sell the lemon curd, preserves, cookies and pies I'm making, too.  I don't think I can bring myself to setting up a 'donate' button yet, tho.

The sewing machine isn't set up in an area I can use it in, yet, so the stuffies will have to wait a little longer... but they're still in the works.


Back on the distraction-channel, I know that the Casa de Fruita Faire is comming soon (Sorry, folks, but the term NorCal RenFaire will always bring to mind the now-defunct LHC Rennaissance Pleasure Faire-North for me), and susandeer and I are plotting attending in costume.  I really miss doing Faires, so this has the costuming bee buzzing in my head.  I miss my corset. :)

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