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Life continues...

We had a nice little gathering for Video Night. A couple of new faces among the regulars, hopefully they'll be visiting a bit more often now that they know who and what we're about. We cleaned out a Popeye's Chicken as our dinner break, and Coug'r rushed out to buy a copy of "The Incredibles" as the movie for the night -- we watched all the bonuses on Disc 2 as a change of pace. And they put a lot of effort into the bonuses, let me tell you. The mock 70's style cartoon of Mr. Incredible was a scream.

In other news, Coug'r brought home a Dyson vaccuum today, and while I knew it would help our floor situation (as we have killed one of the two vaccuum cleaners already here, and the cat-hair brings the remaining one to its knees), I was impressed on just how effective it would be... I had done some cleaning before he got home, and he managed to pull a lot of dirt from the floor area I had previously cleaned! Whee!

The investment of this high-end vaccuum was at least in part because of all the respiratory problems the household is dealing with. Coug'r has been diagnosed with the beginnings of walking pneumonia, Ana was told her coughing was bronchiospasms to allergens, I've been dealing with a sinus infection for the past week, and even Wolf has been battling sinus congestion. This house is just too big, filled with too much stuff, and not cleaned thoroughly or often: dust isn't just a nuissance, it's a health hazard. And the high ceilings of the main floor show signs of cleaning-neglect in the cobwebbed corners and the dust-darkened edges of the ceiling fans. I've not felt confident with my foot to risk the necessary ladder-work to clean the kitchen ceiling and high shelves, and nobody else seems to make an effort. I'm glad I just found some dust-masks as I expect I'll be using them shortly in an attempt to make my breathing easier. There's nothing like having the asthmatic do all the dangerous-respiratory cleaning, eh?

But my coug'r understands enough to help out, and while I'm unemployed I might as well work on the house. Having the guests over tonight is a reminder of why I'd like to seriously clean and organize this house -- I'm a social creature, and our house is big enough to be a gathering point if it wasn't so cluttered.

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