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Active weekends

Last weekend was a much-welcome adventure, as a passle of furfolk trekked from the tri-state area down to the Washington D.C. area, and invaded the home of iridium_wolf to do a little touristing, sample local cuisines, and generally being social.

Three of the four Caer Carnivore folk were heading down, so we used wolfkidd's jeep and its decent storage-space to cram in all the computers, art supplies, overnight supplies, inflatable mattresses and pillows.  On Friday, we picked up roxikat en route, and the drive was quite pleasant -- the only snarl was navigating through Baltimore during rush hour (or is that parking hour?)  Despite the crawl, we were the first of the invaders to arrive at Iridium's place.  As such, we got to get a brief glimpse of one of the less social cats, greeted by the most social of the five cats, and were introduced to the singular old malamute (who was recovering from surgery and looked odd with part of his head and one ear shaved clean of the dense fur). The house was small but cozy, decorated with cat, giraffes, and lighthouse motifs.

Saturday was the grand DC excursion, sensibly using the DC Underground -- err, subway system. The large pack divided into smaller groups to explore the various museums and galleries that line The Mall: a couple of folks meandered to the National Gallery, a few more headed towards some of the war memorials, and my little cadre wandered our way to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, my favorite place on The Mall.  It reminds me of my father; I imagine his ghost walking with me through the exhibits, showing me those projects he was involved in -- Mercury, Gemini, Apollo. 

After a few hours of  cruising the sights, we headed down to the agreed meeting place, the World War II Memorial, on the other end of The Mall from where we were.  By the end of the long walk I could feel my foot was annoyed, but there was no rest yet.  We needed to walk to the subway, got a little lost when the station we headed to happened to be closed on Saturdays, but we did eventually make it to the subway system and headed back to home base.  Dinner was at a tasty Italian party-place.  Later, we lounged around the living room: artist-types drawing and chatting, three Powerbooks out and playing MP3s to sing to, and generally the pleasant social atmosphere often seen at convention room-parties.

Sunday, we had brunch at a lovely little hibachi restaurant (I had sushi) and then it was time for the long trek home.  Instead of fighting traffic in Baltimore, we had no problems until we were a several miles from home and a major backup halted the parkway. It took several creative backroutes, but we managed to get home safe and sound.

The busy weekend blurred into the week, as we had friend from Canada visit (well, actually, he was attending a convention local to us and asked if he could hang with us afterwards) I got more art drawn in 5 days than I have in the prior 2 months. Whee!


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