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New avatar images...

This is the first in a series where I'm attempting to demonstrate the khromatai colorshifting ability and their related emotional state.

Micole is a prime example to use as her career training kinda removes some of the controls taught early on subduing emotional fur outbursts. She really is a 'mood ring', as in it's easy to tell her internal state by her outword appearance.

This image is 'pensive' or 'melancholy'... greyed periwinkle.

As a good general reference, khromat color-language is loosely based on black-body radiation -- the shorter the waves, the less 'heat' is released and visa versa. For khromatai, shortwave colors represent mental and spiritual aspects whereas longwave colors indicate physical aspects. Each color has a ying-yang, a positive and negative connotation which are represented along the saturation line of a color, so the purer and more vibrant the color, the more positive the meaning.

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