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Twas a rather sad All Hallow's Eve, the sky too cloudy to enjoy the Harvest Moon, the air just a bit too cold to go traipsing around in my silly outfit, and not enough kids wandering the streets to give them a fright and some candy. No local wiccan friends to celebrate Samhain with, everyone too tired to actually put effort into a real party in any other tradition. *sigh*

On the bright side, I drove up with Wolf to my old place of work to enjoy lunch with the last of the old QA department... the consultant Bill is being let go, and Louie is looking for a new job. We got to chat about "Princess" the pointy-haired-boss that ultimately is responsible for the dissolution of the group and the personal morale problems of the entire department.

Another good thing: After finding out that the last 3 faxes of my second letter of recommendation vanished into the ether, I had my contact at the Culinary Institute of America stand by the fax and I faxed it a forth time, the called to confirm it was received. Now my application is being reviewed and I should hear the results in a couple of days. If I'm accepted, then the real task of finding funding begins. Light a candle for me. :3

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