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Ah, another thought-provoking assignment from joshuwain. If I can figure out how to post to a community, I'll stick this over on leftfurs as well.

Party Affiliation: Libertarian, Constitutionalist
I'm a Jeffersonian Constitutionalist by nature, which means that there is no political party that completely fits me. As I advocate minimal government and personal responsibility, I've found that the Libertarian Party is the best fit currently.
Abortion: Pro-Choice, Anti-Government
Abortion is one of those moral issues that should never have become a political plank. The government has no business dictating what a woman can or cannot do with her body. Advocating alternatives to abortion is great, but making the act of abortion illegal will only guarantee a dangerous underground scenario. Women have performed abortions to themselves for hundreds of years, regardless of any moral or legal issues. The act of an abortion is a traumatic event for a woman -- no sane woman would ever consider abortion as a means of contraception. Seriously. And regardless whether the woman's health is at risk by the pregnancy, it is guaranteed at risk by unmonitored, unlicensed, unregulated abortions. You want to reduce the number of abortions? Education, not legislation.
Gun Control: Unrestricted but Responsible
This is one of those area where I seem more conservative. Outlawing guns will only make gun-owners into outlaws. Gun control only restricts weapons from law-abiding citizenry without affecting the criminal element. In my 'perfect society', gun safety and maintanance are manditory classes in school, and everyone over the age of 18 owns a gun and knows how to use and maintain it. That doesn't mean I'm a 'gun nut' -- I'm for equality, and it's been proven that crime vanishes in the face of an armed society. Education is necessary to reduce the chances of gun accidents and to reduce gun phobias, responsible education will reduce the kid fascination with guns.
Drugs: Legalize and Tax
The so-called Drug War is nothing more than a government front to spent more money and take away freedoms. In truth, the reason why there's such a market for illegal drugs is *because* they're illegal... it's tender for gangs and organized crime just as booze was back in the days of Prohibition. Yes, there are some drugs that are addictive and dangerous, but making the user a criminal won't help them break that addiction. Legalize all of them, tax them heavily (heavier taxes on the more dangerous drugs) and use that tax money for education and rehabilitation programs. Decriminalize drug use and allow an open support system, and the rate of recreational drug use will drop -- teens may still experiment but there's no excitement of doing something 'bad', gangs will lose their lucrative income, and the folks who abuse drugs will have a network to help them break free.
Civil Equality: Absolute Equality
I suppose I am blessed with the gift of color blindness. The town I grew up in was diverse in ethnicity and united in social and financial classes. In my perfect society, hiring is based on merit only, opportunities are truely equal for everyone. Affirmative Action worked for a while, but abuses eventually happened and I don't think it's working anymore. However, there are still inequalities and they need to be addressed in a way that encourages businesses to treat all employees equally.
Marraige Equality: Absolute Equality
I really don't want government messing with private lives, and the 'institution of marraige' is a religious fallacy. Marraige in its original form was a contract between two families, not some holy sacrament that the religious fanatics claim it is. In the legal forum, marraige is federally protected; civil unions are only acknolwedged by the state. I think anyone who wants to be married should have that ability to, regardless of gender issues. Heck, I don't think polygynous or polyandrous groups should be barred from marraige, either.
Church & State: Separate
I believe our Founding Fathers understood that the only way to have true freedom is to keep the secular and the theological separate. The state should not put limits upon religion and likewise religion should not dictate to the state. It's as simple as that.
Environment: Guardianship
Conservation is an obvious necessity on this fragile sphere, but it is often difficult to preserve habitats in poor countries where the human inhabitants only know they need to survive. I advocate the creative enterprises that both help the natives and gives them the drive to help preserve their wildlands and wildlife. Such guardianship programs helps the environment, helps the humans living there, and ultimately helps the earth.
Business Regulation: Keep the Market Equal
While I don't think businesses should be punished for doing well, there needs to be regulations to keep the playing field equal, because in a truely open market there will always be the few who find it easier to succeed by abuse of others rather than their own merit. I don't think businesses should be considered 'individuals' although they are entities.
Role of Federal Government: Minimally invasive
Federal powers are for handling intra-state and extra-state issues -- to protect its citizenry against foreign threats and to uphold citizen equality between the states. Anything beyond that is stepping outside its rightful boundries.
Death Penalty: Yes
My fangs come out on this one, I know. I could wish all I want that everyone is redeemable, but the sad fact is that there are people who have no desire to be a productive member of society, incorrigible in their antisocial activities and no amount of jailtime will change them. For those who have committed heinous crimes against society and are shown to be irredeemable, death is an appropriate sentence. Just as you put down a deseased animal, you need to put down those deemed beyond help. Now, I'm all for the extra legal wrangling to weed out all but the incorrigible, and I'm definitely for prison reform to stop them from being babysitting limbo instead of active rehabilitation centers -- punishment doesn't stop future violations. But that's the subject for another time.
Police Abuse: Rehabilitation and Supervision
Police were once respected members of society who could be relied upon for minor issues. The neighborhood beat cop of old is something we desperately need back. Instead, police are used for drumming up income for their municipalities, putting them in the antagonistic position with the community instead of a supportive situation. Reassignment of police duties and continued education about civil sensitivies will do more than just adding more government; an overseer committee adds a level of culpability to their actions.
Animal Rights: Responsibility
Animals used in medical research are necessary -- we still depend on many remedies that have an animal component. Responsible use of animals does not include malicious testing of cosmetics and similar shallow veils of abuse. We have a responsibility to our fellow domesticated species to live healthy lives free from abuse; we have a responsibility to our wild brethren not to pollute their homes or decimate their numbers. Everyone should be required classes in animal management: but if there are no health or temperment issues folks should be allowed to keep any animal they wish, provided they can prove they know how to handle it. Some people shouldn't be allowed to own goldfish, after all.
Suicide: Decriminalize and assist
Medically assisted suicide is a charged issue, but really it boils down to what a patient and their doctor decide and nobody else. If a person of sound mind makes the decision to end their life, they should not be prevented or criminalized.
Media Responsibility: Accountability
Whether it's presented as factual or for entertainment, the media needs to be held accountable for any and all facts presented. Heck, it's taught in high school how to notate research to prove you didn't just make stuff up, it's not like the professionals should be exempt from that same proof.
Health Care: Responsibility
Health Insurance isn't, medical costs skyrocket because of medical insurance eating into doctors' livelihood, and perscriptions eat up patients' rent. There needs to be massive reforms in health care, be it socialized medicine or some other method yet to be discussed, but the current insurance system needs to be removed from the equation. There needs to be responsibility in managing healthcare, and insurance companies should not be able to override a doctors' recommendation for treatment. Healthcare needs to be between a patient and their physician only.
Immigration: Open but controlled
Help our neighboring countries to bring them up to a level that would stem the tide of illegal immigration (BTW, Canadians are the second largest illegal alien population in California), open the door for immigration but have controls in place to keep out volitile problems. We are a nation of immigrant: it's part of our heritage to become a new home and new possibilities, but we can't afford to welcome those who have no intentions on making a new life but rather destroy the life that's here.
Code of Law: Sunset Clause
There are laws on local, state and federal books that have been around over 100 years and are either obsolete or unenforceable. There are laws enacted that simply rehash a previous (unenforced) law that adds clutter and confusion to the body of work. All laws need to have a deadline, a Sunset Clause that states unless said law is actively reinstated by a certain date (5 years from passing, say) then the law is dead and removed from the books. All laws currently on the books should be slapped with a Sunset Clause and keep the lawyers busy researching the most necessary laws to renew and let the rest finally be removed from the books.
*whew* Okay, I think I can get off my soapbox now... I'm getting splinters in my paws!

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