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Belle of the Ball?

Okay, I got silly and took an eMode test on Passion and here's my result:

Belle of the Ball

One of great things about being you is that you have a
healthy dose of self-respect. It's not every Tom, Dick,
or Harry who gets to land a date with you. Your natural
tendency to really check someone out before letting
'em in the door serves you well. You don't get stuck
with the bottom-feeders.

So what if some people think you're a challenge? That
isn't always a bad thing. Being picky just means you
don't settle for anything but the best. You want
someone who will dote on you and take good care of
you, while still keeping you on your toes. Thank
goodness you're not one of the many women who
underestimate their self-worth (men tend to
overestimate). That's why you see so many gorgeous
gals going out with meatheads.

Is it possible that your romantic standards are just
protecting the heart of gold inside? Once you let your
guard down, successful suitors find a loving, generous
gal who will throw herself into a relationship. Our only
advice is that in your quest for love, carry with you the
immortal words of Mother Teresa: "If you judge people,
you have no time to love them."


Like most of these tests, you can tell they were written by women (some of the questions had no answer that would best fit me, and the wording of the answers reminded me of a SoCal MallCrawler Princess, which was something I never aspired to). But, the result isn't too bad.

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