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43 days and counting...

... until Anthrocon, and I'm chugging away at buttons.

Most of the money I've made at conventions to date have been because of my buttons. Not prints, not CDs... buttons. People tell me they love my art, yet I consistantly got dissapointing sales until I started making buttons. My little 1" 'sound bites' have been popular, and I keep running out of various mini paw pins, which is what I'm currently assembling. I've tried to think of new words to add to the 'sound bites', new designs for the mini paw pins and the larger paw pins to expand the available list. I've had less success with the bigger 3" buttons mostly as I haven't found the right design style for them, although they sell well as on-the-spot button-badges and I'm going to push more doing that this year.

On the spot work is likely going to be the only new art I'll have this year, if I can't kick my brain in gear in the next few weeks. Someone's changed the channel and all my mind's eye sees is static at the moment, I feel out of tune and it bothers me. And, of course, me worrying about the lack of creativity doesn't help. So, it's cutting the pre-printed buttons and assembling them, which doesn't require any creativity. Maybe by the time I'm finished with all the printed sheets, I'll have some ideas for new buttons. I'm not holding my breath on any new art ideas, still feeling a bit burned by my poor prints sales, but it would be nice if I could at least start the Khromat Calender project. Or get more of Coda Khromat penciled out. Or work on any of the project ideas sitting piling up on my plate. *sigh*

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