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Ending the weekend on a high note

Saturday was a busy day for me.  I ordered my glasses (finally) and more contact lenses, and shipped off 55 lbs of toy bunnies off to Iraq, courtesy of Operation Give (the bunnies were donated by Wolf's work and have been sitting in boxes in the game room for months until I took matters into my own hands). I even managed to get in some time at Curves.

Saturday was also Gideon's birthday, and it was supposed to be a surprise to take him to dinner. The surprise was kinda blown when the restaurant called his house to confirm the reservations!

iridium_wolf was up from D.C. for the event, which was really nice for everyone involved.  While Ken and I didn't get into town until 6pm, we weren't the only ones to arrive in the evening; roxikat was informed at the last minute and had to rush to meet up with us. So the zoo headed to  Buca di Beppo's for dinner.... in The Pope Room, our 'usual table' for dinner as we are always a large party. Much food was ordered, presents were handed out, and cake was served. In all, a good time.

Sunday, Ken and I returned to Philly to hang out, and I decided to take off my brace and try drawing.  An idea finally bubbled up during the week and I wanted to put it on paper.  As this year's Anthrocon theme is "Heroes", I wanted to do some nice buttons on the theme.  In a drawing frenzy, I've just blue-penciled five drawings and they don't look half bad.

Of course, now that I'm done drawing for the night, I have the brace back on. I get to call a new specialist on Monday as the doc who did my surgery isn't taking my insurance anymore, but that's all tomarrow.  Right now, I'm feeling pretty good. :3

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