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Post-Con recovery

Whew! That was a whirlwind con! I was so busy, I never got the chance to see the rest of the Dealers Den!

I did decently well in sales, selling most of the ITE CDs and Hintbooks, a lot of buttons, and a small stack of sketchbooks.  As I was hoping, custom button-badges were up from last year; on the other hand, my Heroes collection didn't sell near as well as I would've thought. Oh well, *sigh*.

Outside of the Dealers Den, I got to hang with friends whom I only get to see via cons (like pholph), attach faces to people I only know via online (like ursulav) and enjoy the scenery of the increasing number of younger "mens and fems" that are attending the con.  I got my copy of J3T's GameSlave portfolio that my lynxy's in, and Diane Harlan Stein had the complete collection of  ToyVault's Egyptian Gods which I've been searching for. I got a bit more stuff here and there: not a lot of schwag, but good schwag.

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