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The Calm before the Storm

...okay, maybe it's not that bad. But Tokeneke will be going to JFK Hospital tomarrow for Gall Bladder surgery, and is expected to be just about bed-bound for the next two weeks. This means all her house chores will fall to the rest of us, and more than likely that means I'll have to take care of the 8 cats and 14 ferrets. Needless to say, I'll have to tank up on antihistimines and wear a dust mask if I'm going to make it through cleaning litterboxes without setting off my allergies.

Hmm... still have too many things on my To Do list. I'll try finding that darned sketchbook that's *somewhere* in this house so I can finish my trib for MegaMorphics then move onto more work for Katmandu while waiting for word from the CIA. Then there's my websites... 5 domains and two personal sites to work on. Soon.

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