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I've finally got a chance to update my journal, here on the anniversary of the Twin Towers tragedy. 

School's been intense, but fun.  I'm really enjoying the classes and my new group of classmates.  To give you an idea, my class schedule looks like this:

Monday:      Nutrition 2-3:30pm, Controlling Costs 4-5:30pm (Restaurant Law 7-8:30pm)
Tuesday:      Intro Interpersonal Communications 10:30am-12:30pm, Menu Development 1-3pm,
                    Intro to Management 3:30-5pm (Restaurant Law 7-8:30pm)
Wednesday: Nutrition 2-3:30pm, Controlling Costs 4-5:30pm (Restaurant Law 7-8:30pm)
Thursday:     Menu Development 1-3pm, Intro to Management 3:30-5pm (Restaurant Law 7-8:30pm)
Friday:         Nutrition 2-3:30pm, Controlling Costs 4-5:30pm

Restaurant Law was especially intense, as it got shuffled around for the three weeks of the course -- the first week it was Wednesday and Thursday, the second week it was Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and this last week it was Tuesday and Thursday. Whew!  But, as I got a 96% on the final exam for that course, I'm more than happy. Wheeee!

Controlling Costs and Menu Development are interrelated, what we are learning in one is helping us in the other... and as Controlling Costs is the most math-intensive, some of us can use all the help we can get.  As with the first block of my first semester at school, the heavy load of academics is my strong suit.  Unlike last time, though, I think I'll do better in the kitchen classes.  Having a little more real-world experience under my belt has helped reduced my kitchen-anxiety, and the next block of classes will be Baking.  I suspect I'll be 'bringing homework home' for that one. *giggle!*

Now that my laptop's been rebuilt and can access the internet again, I should try to update my journal more... but as I really like to concentrate on my academic work, it probably won't start until next block.

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