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So I'm late on posting...

After spending two hours last night writing a new entry for LJ, I find that it didn't get saved to the servers. This is the fourth attempt to post anything, but seeing that the much anticipated first storm of the season is hitting the Northeast right now, I don't think I'll frustrate myself further by trying to write all that again right now.

The local client I used to use seems to be having problems cleanly uploading entries to LJ, the Firefox extension doesn't seem to work at all, and last night's failed post was using the Rich Text mode on LJ's website, so I'm feeling pretty frustrated. (This post is using the regular website client)

So, it's pouring rain outside, I'm broke and hungry and behind on my heavy reading load for my current class. Needless to say I'm feeling a little low right now.

Hmm, I think there's still a bit of my pumpkin pie in the communal mini-fridge. Every little bit helps.

I'll post a real entry during my Thanksgiving break.

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