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My Thanksgiving 'adventure'

... it really didn't happen during Thanksgiving proper, but over the weekend, while we had friends visiting. Around 2am Sunday, I started feeling pain in my torso but didn't think it more than just a side effect of eating too much... within the hour, I was noticeably uncomfortable around the right side ribcage, pain shooting around to my back. Wolf offered me something for the pain, but by that point it was so bad I started vomitting so the pill never had a chance to work.

My coug'r bundled me up and drove me to the emergency room of the Somerset Medical Center where I was admitted. They put me on an IV drip that included something to deal with the pain (not morphine, but another narcotic I can't remember the name of right now). After x-rays and an ultrasound scan, it was determined that I had two small gallstones. They held me under observation until the pain had subsided completely, and released me with a perscription for percocet along with a printout of what happened and how to deal with things for the next several days.

As the writeup strongly recommended that I see my primary physician within 3 days of the hospital stay, I went there immediately. I had to get some x-ray images of my foot anyways. Dr. K told me she was putting in a referral for a general surgeon, just in case. Sadly, the most common 'treatment' for gallbladder disease is removing the gallbladder. Had the tests at the ER showed inflammation or blockage, they probably would have had the surgery then and there... but this was an 'attack' that had no associated inflammation nor were the stones blocking, so they just dosed me up with pain killers and recommended a severe change in diet.

I'm going one farther... I'm going to try and 'repair' this problem. Not only is my diet restricted, I'm drinking a lot of apple-juice as pectin softens the stones making them easier to pass. Several 'detox' herbs in several forms (suppliment, tinctures, and even a tea) are in my new diet and with luck I'll be able to keep my gallbladder and even improve its functioning.

Alas, part of the restriction is no aniumal fats, no butter or other dairy products (I can have low-fat yogurt and the like), no eggs... all of which I will miss especially now that Holiday Baking season is upon us. But I will persevere.

Wish me luck.

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