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Debrief of Day 1 in E-Room

I just got back to my dorm room after surviving my first day of the last kitchen class I'll see... and I did pretty good. No anxiety, no real worries about what was expected of me, and my position as one of the three Tournant/Family Meal people gave me a comfortable environment to work in.

The E-Room has the smallest kitchen on the campus. I'd say that its maximum efficient occupancy would be 8 to 10 staff. Average size of the groups are 14 to 19, so it's a tight fit. The group I'm now in has 17 students and I'm one of 5 girls (which is about average for the culinary side). Ironically, I already know a couple of folks in the group, so I'm not comming in completely from the outside... and, after a quick team-chat with the other two people on my station, I'm feeling pretty confident that I'll get through this class pretty comfortably. Which is how I should be feeling, so I'm happy.

My next attempt at my Practical will be April 10th... let's hope this confidence can carry me through that, too.

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