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Today, I received my cordon and my Associates Degree in Occupational Studies of the Culinary Arts.  I graduated! YAY!!

Now, for the next major task in my life: getting rid of as much stuff as possible before I move to the Bay Area.  I'm going to do my best to do a "Clean Sweep" of my belongings, pare down the accumulated baggage, and prepare for a Fresh Start with my coug'r back on the Left Coast.  

That process started today with my moving out of the college's housing: With the extra help of friends and family, I managed to leave with less than half of the stuff I had in there, even if some of the stuff was set out in the great room with "FREE" signs on them.  Like, I'm unlikely to ever need Twin XL sheet sets or the 3.0 cu/foot refrigerator, and it's best to let another student get use out of them rather than just throwing them away.

The process will continue with a dumpster arriving at the house to help the purging for everyone, as well as putting up some things on eBay or FurBid to sell.  If I don't have a solid reason to keep it, and it's not trash-worthy, I'd prefer to find it a home.... which will include some stuffed animals, art (mine and others), china and possibly any art supplies that don't get swept up by local artists.

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