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...and now for something completely different...

I really wanted to get back into drawing as a habit, but life up to now has been rife with stuff that kept me either distracted or out of the mood to draw.  While I can't guarantee a "Art Of The Week" kind of entry, I will try posting stuff as it finally escapes my brain.

Today's doodles are inspired by World of Warcraft of all things.  Yes, the boys here have dragged me into the game.  No, I'm not addicted to it and won't be spending my meagre income on feeding the non-existant habit.  I play on occassion (once or twice a week) and I'm after small goals that don't require huge amounts of dedication to reach.  In any case, I've become a member of a guild that's populated by folks I know (for the most part) and many of them are artistic furry types, so I'm quite comfortable in adding my little bit of insanity to the mix.  In thinking about avatar images, and these came to mind.

First is a portrait of Shadowmane, my primary character whose a Tauren hunter.

small portrait of Shadowmane

...and this is what happens when I think of minimizing lines for a 'icon' style:

Not bad for someone who doesn't draw bovines. :D

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