Micole Khemarrica (khromat) wrote,
Micole Khemarrica


Yea, okay so it's 58 degrees F outside (feeling more like 53 with the wind chill), but when you've been happily enjoying 75-85 degree weather, it's a shock to the system.  It doesn't help that my computers rest in the "solar room" which has massive windows and poor insulation.  It's definitely autumn weather.

My job has been going well for the most part.  Every few weeks it seems that one of the neighboring Guckenheimer units has a problem and I get sent over to help, which is both interesting and exasperating.  Interesting because it's different, I see other configurations of this corporate catering environment.  Exasperating because invariably I don't get a break for lunch (they forget and I'm too busy to remember). 

My right thumb and wrist have been a source of worry.  A month after working in the kitchen environment, I got a sudden excruciating pain along the top of my forearm, a 2" steel band of tendon inflamed at a point starting from my wrist.  Taking lots of iburprofen and then something perscribed by the doctor seemed to do only a little to help.  At this point, it's down to a dull ache, but I still have trouble grabbing things or applying pressure to the wrist in rotation (like say, wiping a chalkboard clean to write the next day's menu).  *sigh*  I'm seeing someone who treats RSI (repetitive stress injury) situations to get some stretching exercises and the like in hopes of working this out, because otherwise there may be another surgery in my future and I would rather not do that if at all possible.

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