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Yes, another catchup time...

Oye, didn't realize how time flies when you're working hard. ;)
My birthday came and went with little fanfare -- I had a nice get together with close friends at a very nice seafood restaurant called Yankee Pier where we dined on lobster bisque and I had a whole lobster as my birthday feast.

Coug'r found a job -- a graveyard NOC position, but at least it's a start.  It's been interesting getting home from my work in time to see him get up from sleep and start his day.  The upside is that he can still socialize with everyone, but the downside is that I don't get to cuddle with when I go to bed.  Meanwhile he's still keeping his eyes open for something better so this won't be a permanent thing.

We had an interesting change in personnel at work -- Guckenheimer got a new account and our chef Abraham became the chef for it.  Replacing Abraham is TB, who I immediately took a like to.  Not only is he experienced with Guckenheimer and with the culinary industry (he was the head chef at the Trader Vic's in SF for years), he's also personable, forthright, honest, and an organization-freak like me.  We had a one-on-one 'get to know each other' chat and I mentioned how inexperienced I am in the professional kitchen (having changed careers and recently graduated from the CIA and all that) he formulated a plan.  Seeing that I'm the 'late shift' in the kitchen, afternoons are pretty quiet and there's no time-critical urgency like the mornings are, so he's got a list of vegetables I can prep for the morning crew (usually listed by the case).  This gives me the needed practice time to improve my speed (since I don't do much knifework preparing the deli bar), and saves the entree crew time during that crucial morning-rush.  Win-win.

Since I have been properly badged by the hosting client company, I can now also help the catering folks deliver food when they're short handed or when the order is massive -- as in the 75 pizzas that needed to be in a classroom for one seminar event.  As the last Guckenheimer employee in the kitchen, I also now have a set of keys to lock up the four walk-ins and the outside door.  While I initially felt a little left out by comming in at 8:30 and leaving around 5pm when everyone else is there 6a-2:30p or so, and while I would have preferred to avoid the main rush-hour traffic, I'm pretty happy with my current position and duties. 

Outside of work, I've been mostly spending my time fighting off waves of colds that have been going through the Bay Area.... one was a bronchial in nature that put one housemate into the hospital and had me bedridden for a week taking steroids and antibiotics. No fun.  Coug'r has made the snide comment that we moved to Cali to get my health back, but honestly it took living in Jersey for over 5 years to get asthma, I would think it'd take more than a few months living back here in Cali to undo that damage.

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