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My brain - Micole Khemarrica — LiveJournal
My brain
One aspect of AD(H)D is that most of the known symptoms are not unique to ADD sufferers -- everyone forgets things from time to time, everyone has lapses of time on occasion, or loses objects or is distracted from a task.  It's the severity and frequency of these symptoms that are hallmarks of an ADD person, like the favorite example "the absent-minded professor". 

Often, people who have grown up with undiagnosed ADD have developed some sort of coping mechanism.  Mine was the heavy use of sticky notes and later PDAs to remind myself of everything from doctor appointments to where I know this person from to project ideas and "to do" lists.  I call my PDA "my brain" because it holds so much useful (and semi-useful) information I easily lose.  PDAs are much neater than posty-notes and less likely to get swept up into the trash or lose its stickiness and disappear from where it was stuck; However, even electronic notekeepers have their downside.

Yesterday, while trying to use my Treo 650 (a "smartphone" that is also a Palm PDA device) I found that it needed a firmware upgrade.  Rom flashes are always a dangerous and often complex undertaking, so I was concerned about backing up my data prior to this operation.  Alas, I haven't backed up my phone since we moved, and my PC desktop's harddrive was replaced so that the applications aren't readily accessable anymore.  No problem, I thought, I'll just download the stuff from Palm's website to my MacBook Pro and go that route.  So far, so good.

While I was downloading the manuals, the updater, security updates and all that, I noticed a 'backup program' and clicked on it.  Instead of the usual download package to my laptop that would be sent to my Treo on the next HotSync, this program was sent directly to my phone.  Kinda cool.  This distraction was my downfall -- the backup program needed the updated firmware, which wasn't yet on the smartphone.  *CRASH*

After trying the 'soft reset' and the 'warm reset' without success, I was left with no choice but to hard reset my device, thus losing all my data.
The very thing I was trying to avoid.  Yay, stupid ADD brain temporarily destroys my silicon brain!  And there's not much I can do about it, as any prior backups I may have on my 'archive' hard drive are well over a year old, if I can access them at all.

The good news is that I didn't 'brick' my phone, just lost ALL data.  In fact, after recovering from the emotional devistation, I was able to upgrade the firmware successfully.  Now I just have to replace the missing applications (whaa, no lemmings!) and collect people's addresses and phone numbers again.  Oye.

So if I seem a little braindead, now you know why.   *SIGH*

Current Mood: depressed depressed

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tracerj From: tracerj Date: June 5th, 2007 05:16 am (UTC) (Link)
Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch. I use my Treo 600 to keep track of addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, important stuff... but I haven't trained myself to check it for schedule stuff that often, and it doesn't feel quite elegant enough for that. This is why I'm still pretty much uselessly unreliable for things. I do try to keep good backups of it, but there's always that worry and somehow everything I've put on it will disappear....

You do have my contact info, right? I keep it on my LJ under the 'contact' tag. The most recent entry is here. Let me know if for some reason you can't get to it.
chefmongoose From: chefmongoose Date: June 5th, 2007 07:03 am (UTC) (Link)
Well, if'n you want to bug a mongoose, 860 %^ 961 %^ 6462. SMS always great.

shockwave77598 From: shockwave77598 Date: June 5th, 2007 12:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
You can export the address and phone book as a CSV file (comma seperated values), drop it into Excel and print all the data out. Then you have a hardcopy backup. You can also backup the whole device onto an SDcard you plug in so in the event of a crash, you can restore it all again.
khromat From: khromat Date: June 7th, 2007 05:11 am (UTC) (Link)
This was a Palm, simple exporting wasn't available. You have to use a PIM program and HotSync to get the information off the Palm... which was what I was downloading to my laptop when things got mangled on the palm.

Also, I didn't have an SDcard at the time, and I had no backup program resident on the Palm. I have both now, as well as the conduits necessary to routinely sync with my laptop, so this should be the only time this happens with *this* device.
tommicat From: tommicat Date: June 5th, 2007 01:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
*hugs* I'm really sorry to hear about your lost, it's not your fault that Palm sent a program to crunch on your Treo life line. I hope you'll be able to recover any precious information that may seemed unrecoverable, especially the lemmings!

Your Tommi
astor_apatosaur From: astor_apatosaur Date: June 5th, 2007 02:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow, we did the EXACT same thing, essentially. I formatted my computer without saving my address book (always forget something) and you blew out your address book, too. Aw, heck...maybe the clean slate won't hurt too much. :) Refill it with what's really important.

But back to replacing info: gotta trade with you since we BOTH fried our contact lists. ;)
khromat From: khromat Date: June 7th, 2007 05:14 am (UTC) (Link)

Sync up at AC?

Are you gonna be at AC? Just curious. :D
astor_apatosaur From: astor_apatosaur Date: June 7th, 2007 09:33 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Sync up at AC?

Yup! I'm not going to skip out like last year. ;)

I'll be sure to drop by the Master of Buttons. :D
chipuni From: chipuni Date: June 7th, 2007 05:48 am (UTC) (Link)
Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

I'm sorry that you lost the info.

If you want to reach me, my home number is 510x818x1472.

I'd love to get together with you and the cougar...
niall_shapero From: niall_shapero Date: June 21st, 2007 07:29 pm (UTC) (Link)

My mind...

I haven't lost my mind ... it's backed up on tape SOMEWHERE...
lionmage From: lionmage Date: October 5th, 2007 03:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
Cripes, something very similar to this happened to me recently. My Palm Tungsten T3 lost power, and since this model uses DRAM to store everything, that meant my entire store of notes and contact info was wiped out. (Palm's recently updated their product line to use flash memory, which makes a lot more sense, but some software won't work with the new non-volatile file system. Go figure.) I figured, no problem, I'll just go to the one PC in my house that I keep around for syncing and retrieve all my data. It wouldn't be recent, but at least it'd get me most of the way there...

And the PC wouldn't boot. Probably the power supply, but it could also be a motherboard failure. I still haven't had the time to figure it out, and frankly, doing so is less and less likely as time marches on.

Why I didn't migrate all that data out of Outlook years ago is a mystery. The T3 was designed to sync better with Outlook, so many fields in the contacts app map specifically to fields in Outlook. Wish that Palm had used the Newton approach, and made their contacts app somewhat free-form, without fixed fields for each entry.

So I'm really not sure what to do, whether to buy another Palm device or bite the bullet and pick up an iPhone or an iPod Touch. Probably not going to buy another Palm device, smartphone or no. In the meantime, I'm back to fairly low-tech solutions, Post-It notes and the like. And e-mail to send notes from work to home and vice-versa.

By the way, glad to see things are going well for you, aside from little annoyances like this one.
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