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Phase 2 bunny!

Yay, got the second test of my 'building a better bunny' project done!

Phase 2 Bunny from front   Phase 2 Bunny from side

And to show a sense of scale, here's both test bunnies together:
Phase 1 and Phase 2 bunnies

I'm actually thinking now about going back and making another fleece version with the improvements and corrections I've learned.  The fleece bunny is apparently makes for a good pillow.

As I still have some of the green fleece and fur left, I might make another set of "Martian Lapines" to sell.  I still don't know what I'm gonna do with these two just yet, as both would need finishing embroidery on their paws at the very least.  Phase 2 has some embroidery done to his muzzle and I did some test sculpting, although the ears refused to stay tacked down.  More things I need to learn more about, which I don't mind -- I love the sense of exploration.

Tags: 3d, art, stuffies

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