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Yesterday, Iron Chef Morimoto visited Sur La Table in Santana Row for a signing and demo of some recipes from his new book Morimoto: The New Art of Japanese Cooking which is a *gorgeous* book worth it for just the photography alone....  I got there 2 hours early and got front row seats - my neighbor turned out to be a hostess from Alexander's Steakhouse who was saving a seat for the chef by using the two shopping bags full of Morimoto's book (they bought 6!) .  The shear number of professional culinarians in the front row got the attention of the manager of this store, and she mentioned that there were more pros in this audience (an hour before showtime) than at any previous demo event this Sur La Table had done.  Gee, I wonder why.... :)

After the demo, there was a MASSIVE line to get his signature.... when I finally got to the front, the manager recognised me and said they had to make sure to get my photo with Morimoto so I could send it to the CIA.... but the 'pro photog' guy couldn't figure out my Treo 650's camera function to get it. Foo.  But I did at least get a pic of the Iron Chef signing a book... as you can see by the inset in my little montage here:

My signed book!

If any of my Japanese friends can translate his message for me, I'd love it. :D
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