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Wanna buy a bunny?

It's that time of the year, and with me being unemployed and still working out medical issues, I find I need to make some money somehow.  I have my eye on some cabinet furniture to help with my sewing projects (yay, folding furniture!) and to get to that goal I'm opening up for commissions.

I will accept the first five email requests.  Rules are simple:

1) Real Name, Mailing Address
2) Any rating, but I don't do hardcore fetish -- (there are plenty of other artists out there to turn any crank, it's just not my thing.)
    Fetishes I *will* draw:  leather, macro, muscle.  My style being what it is, I can do cute-fluffy porn, but don't expect a Wolf Kidd or Ken Sample
    from me, okay?
3) If it is to be your avatar, I will need a description. Obvious, yes, but needs to be said.

Meanwhile, I am working on a couple of sewing projects, including a complex modification of two patterns to make a soft sculpture.  If it works, I maybe doing some for Further Confusion, along with several Martian Bunnies in assorted colors.

Good Luck!

Tags: art, commissions

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