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Happy Perihelion!

The earth moved closest to its parent star at 1500 GMT today, marking Perihelion.  I hope everyone enjoyed their winter holidays, whichever ones they happen to be. :)

The celebration of Christmas has always been a bittersweet affair for me, so I tend to pare it down to its most basic meaning:  the celebration of life, in the middle of the lifeless time in the Earth's annual trek around the Sun.   Coug'r and I have family too far away to visit, and this is a dark time financially for us, along with so many folks during this Depression 2.0.  It was a time of having friends over, to enjoy a good meal and good company.  Thank you, kagur , for hanging out with us, however briefly.  And yes, your packages did arrive, you silly person. :)   I should really take pictures of bigtig  and susandeer  with the presents I handmade them, so I can add them to my 'fabric creations' portfolio.

I'll be starting on commissions this week, now that Sue and I have rearranged the rumpus room into more of a half studio, half game room annex.  More pies are being made for locals, more stuff is comming out of our storage unit to fit into the house and our needs, and we now have a massive chest freezer in the garage (27 sq ft!) so we can buy bulk meats and I can make stocks and such and have them stored. I still have medical issues, and it feels like progress is at a snail''s pace, so I can only hope this will improve and gain momentum.  I'm tired of being sick.

Oh, and I will be at Further Confusion this year, but I have no dealer's table... coug'r and I just didn't make the deadline for registration.  Scary, it'll be the first time in nearly 20 years I won't be 'easily found', but I suspect I'll end up finding a space to sit and draw just for fun.  Maybe I can drum up commission business for Project Plush, which may debut at the con.... we'll see.

And now, to go clean up my studio space from the manic pre-present-giving period. :D


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