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Working for Nothing...

...another night, and the first in a while I'm actually online to make a journal entry in some time. Been busy tearing my hair out trying to get too many things done at once. If Katmandu paid like a real job, I'm sure I wouldn't feel nearly as bad about the deadlines as I do.

On the bright side, I've gotten a lot done so far, I got a chance to chat with some good friends who are too far away, we had friends over for Video Night which is always a fun event, and SueDeer actually got flirty with me. Amazing!

It must be wintertime, the sky's cleared up to make sky watching a pleasure again... and it's fun seeng the space station. :3

Wolf decided to concoct some homemade Irish Cream and I tried some. Wolf is always shaking his head that both my coug'r and I drink so little alcohol (and don't like the taste of it to drink enough) to actually get to the stage called 'drunk'. I think this glass had maybe 2 oz. of the stuff and I'm about to fall asleep because of it. Some lush I am, eh?

Tomarrow (okay, later today) Ken and I are going to the Sony Outlet Store and I'll likely whimper at the Vaio "Pen Tablet Computer" like I always do -- Wacom built a tablet that's also a touch screen, so you could see what you draw just like ordinary paper, and Sony plugged it in with a Vaio system. I want! Then again, Sony's a darned candy-store for techie-geeks like me, so all my whimpering is typical.

To bed, perchance to dream...

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