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Gasp! November already??

Okay, folks poked me about Christmas things, so I'm posting here wishlists that already exist:

There's a *lot* of stuff on ThinkGeek that I like, but thankfully most of it is on the inexpensive side.

Then there's Amazon and their new universal wishlist button, so even if I find something somewhere else on the web, it can all be condensed into one area. Neat, eh?  So even if I have some expensive wishes from, say, Williams-Sonoma, I can still have them listed on Amazon.  I'm actually trying to keep a semblance of organization there with multiple wish-lists by pseudo-category. (Hah! Like that'll last...)  Even better, I can make comments on the items -- if nothing else, to remind me why I was looking at it. :)

And with that, I'm back to RL for awhile.

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