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Phrase of the Day

Actually, it's the Phrase of the Day for Saturday after seeing "Sucker Punch" ..... Nazi Steampunk Zombies.

As coug'r said, "That's original."

(I have to assume the movie is based off a graphic novel/comic as some of the imagery looked like it could've been splash pages)


On the Medical homefront, my knee is still healing.  I have to wait until I see the doctor at the end of next month to know what's going to happen next...  In the meantime, it's compression-wrapped and then bound in the metal-hinged brace.  I do see signs of healing, but then I do something like turn around while prone on the couch and feel the >PAIN< of rotating that joint, so it's still not very stable.

In an attempt to reduce the number of meds I'm on and hopefully get my blood pressure under control, I'm trying a new ADHD med called Intuniv. It's a non-stimulant formula that reduces blood pressure as a side effect on how it treats ADHD.  We'll see what happens.

I'm also taking some Valerian extract before bed, and it does seem to have an effect on my daytime alertness. Now if I can get rid of the swollen ankle issue, I'll be in better shape for working in the garden during this brief break in all the storms.
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