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Micole Khemarrica
Happy Perihelion!
(FYI: perihelion is the point at which the earth is closest to the sun, and happens January 2nd. Thus, I cheerfully greet people with someting completely non-religious and yet appropriate for the season.)

Welcome to the Palindrome Year of the Horse. I can only hope this year will be a dramatic improvement over last year.

I'm moving into the next stage of preparations for my entry into Higher Education: filling out forms, promissory notes, physicals and vaccinations. Since I'll be going into the Food Service and Hospitality Industries, and because of New York State law, I'll need to get poked with a needle for several vaccinations. Currently I'm waiting the 48 hours for the PPD (tuburculosis antibodies test) and hoping this second time is a charm... the first time I took this test (with the rest of my physical) my skin reacted but not in a way that a Positive Result would, causing much confusion by the 3 doctors and 2 nurses that looked at it. So we waited a couple of weeks and will try it again (if it results in a positive, I'll have to get a chest X-Ray to prove I don't have tuburculosis itself, just had been exposed to someone with it somewhere). And, or course, my sleep cycle is so screwy I'm going to try going to bed early tonight and start forcefully resetting my internal clock to match what my school schedule will be like.

Meanwhile, there's a convention on the last weekend of this month and I just got my plane tickets for it today. Now if I can get any art ready for it, I'd be in great shape. Alas, since I'm only about half-way through doing the Katmandu pencils and lettering, the prospect of new prints for Further Conrfusion looks bleak. If nothing else, I'll have the one speically-made T-Shrt I'm putting into the Charity Auction, buttons, and my usual conbook commissions to do, so I'm not completely out of the water.

Yesterday (New Years Day), my housemate Tokaneke had her greek tradition done for Video Night: a New Year's Bread, which is lightly sweet and contains a coin in it. The person who has the coin in their slice of bread receives good luck. Surprise, I actually got it! Hope this is a good omen of things to come. :3

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khromat From: khromat Date: January 3rd, 2002 10:12 am (UTC) (Link)

Coins in bread

Actually, it's a *European* tradition, comming from several different places. Mardi Gras, with all the French influences, serves the 'Easter Bread', which is also a Greek tradition (don't ask me to give you the greek word, though, I still can't remember it). The greeks have a 'New Years Bread' and a 'Easter Bread' that both have a coin tucked into them.

Then again, hiding a treasure in a food goes back a long ways... the '4-and-20 blackbirds baked in a pie' really happened back in the 1500's, more for entertainment than luck or food. Birthdays of nobles were often punctuated by live animals hidden in pie-crusts to pop out and run around. King James' birthday was probably the most extravagent, with little pastries for everyone that live frogs popped out of (scaring the ladies), a grand pie of doves that flew out and fluttered through the hall, and a life-sized 'deer' made of marchpane in whose chest was hidden a barrel of wine with an 'arrow' as the cork -- pulling the arrow out of the deer resulted in it 'bleeding' wine... a right noisy mess of squealing girls, laughing men, and scampering beasts all over the place!
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