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Micole Khemarrica
A worthy project to support
In spite of my tight financial situation, I have on occassion found a project I'm willing to donate some funds to.  Kickstarter is a website dedicated to helping small projects get financial help, and in particular there's a creative steampunk-oriented MMO that's in development that I'd like to see come to life:  Notch.  It really strikes a chord with my creative inclinations to be able to create worlds (I was an avid SIM CITY and SIM WORLD fan back in the day) and have always regretted that the MMO game the Dreamers Guild was developing for a games-network never got off the ground, so when I see a project like this, I want to cheer them on.  Even if you can only afford to put in $1.00, it'll help them finish the game and afford to add more art, music, sounds and so forth.

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coppercheetah From: coppercheetah Date: September 17th, 2011 06:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
It does sound like a very neat concept--one that Horizons (now the game of Istaria) tried quite a few years back, and unfortunately fell to the grind-tastic aspects of the system they'd devised. (It was far too repetitive.)

With only nine days to go, and almost $20k to raise, however... things don't look good for them getting the funding. I'll put my part in, because like you, I like the "build your own world" concept when people there are willing to work with each other, but It's a tentative hope I'll hold.
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