Micole Khemarrica (khromat) wrote,
Micole Khemarrica

Coming out from under a rock...

Sorry I've been lax in posting, but having been unemployed this long has me fighting depression, and when I'm depressed I *don't* log in and spout my black mood upon others, I tend to go hide under a rock for a while.  I've had several interviews, but nothing panned out, so now I'm in the process of completely revamping my resume with a focus on management skills -- which is where I really want to be.  As much as I love cooking, my forte has always been in QA (or, in hospitality terms, Food Safety) and organization -- which means management rather than chef.

In the meantime, it's Pie Season again so I'm getting a list of customers organized.  Alas, without an income, I don't have the money to ship pies out this year, so I'll only be doing local deliveries, but considering I sold 15 pies last year with no pre-orders, I should do well this year.  Also, I'm expanding the product list: Spicy Pumpkin, Special Needs Pumpkin (I can make gluten-free, lactose-free & sugar-free), Apple (from our heritage apple tree), and a Mincemeat "through the Ages" sampler (I have 3 separate recipes, from 1603, 1950's, and 2007 to show the evolution of mincemeat).  WIth the pomegranate tree overloaded, I should make some jellies and ice cream from this year's harvest.  So, in general I'm trying to keep busy.
Tags: culinary, pies

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