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Seasonal update

So far, this has been my best season for pies, and there's still a month left of the Holiday season.  The harvest has been good, with lots of pomegranate jelly, pumpkin, and apple pies.  Now, there are lemons, limes, and rose hips to process.  There are fuyu persimmons still on the tree, so I should look into ways to use them too.

On the job front, I'm still unemployed.  I've been looking into becomming a Personal Chef, but the training, certification, and association fees is nearly $1000, so that plan will have to wait.    My best hope at this point is to find a job at a good restaurant or banquet hall, but in the meantime at least I'm making a little money with my pies, and I'm happy to be baking.
Tags: culinary, pies

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