Micole Khemarrica (khromat) wrote,
Micole Khemarrica

Irrational Pie and Canned Expressions

Yea, long time no post....  Been off computer a lot lately, working in the garden, cooking, and researching mostly via my iPad mini.

The above title is still a work in progress - California now allows home kitchens to create some food products for direct sale without going through massive FDA regulations and kitchen inspections.  Called the California Homemade Food Act, otherwise known as Cottage Food Operations, it allows home businesses to create canned and bakery products (no dairy or meat based products) to sell directly to local consumers (i.e. farmers markets) with a single permit (not including any permits the farmers markets may want, like Servsafe food handlers certificates) paid to the county and not the state.  In spite of its tight regulations on the type of food and how it can be sold, it's actually a great way to jump start food-based home businesses.

As my personal chef business is still struggling to get off the ground, adding a side business like this would help me both in the short and long term... And being the geek I am, I couldn't help with the math/programming puns. :)

So, the Idea for me is a website which lists the current crop of canning fun and seasonal pie choices, year-round pie choices, and specialty condiments.  As the current law requires me to personally hand someone their purchase, and I don't have the stock or funds to get into farmers' markets yet, the website is mostly for information and orders to be picked up.  As I know a lot of out of town folks who would love to buy my stuff, I will have a FurtherConfusion delivery option, paid via website and then handed over at the con, thus satisfying the legal restrictions (no Internet shipping out of county!)

So, now I need to get the required permit, which number is then posted on all labels of product (nutritional labels are optional), buy labels to fit all the information on them, buy a lot more canning supplies, get my website up and start taking orders. :)

Oh, for the curious, my latest canning fun is tomato sauce using veggies and herbs from my organic garden.... And we have a ton of tomatoes still ripening on the forest of tomato plants so anger batch will certainly be made.
Tags: culinary

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