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I can haz web-storefront?

It's now official, I have a storefront with Zaarly to promote my personal chef services! Whoot!

Which reminds me, it's Pie Season again, and I'll be taking orders now for Spicy Pumpkin Pies, and Deep Dish or Dutch style Apple Pies. Place your orders NOW! :)

Just got a pile of local-grown heirloom apples (Macintosh, Newtown Pippin and Gravensteins) which work great in baking.  I also got in my first run of pumpkins for the season and I'm bouncing with excitement as my beloved Long Island Cheese pumpkins are back this year!  They are still my favorite go-to for baking, even if this year I bought some Rouge Vif d'Etampes (no, they are NOT the same as Cinderellas), Sweet Dumpling squash, Delicata squash, Red Kabocha, and a couple of Jarrahdales this year to start playing with.  My local store has a sign up indicating that they'll have Fairytales (proper name: Musque de Provence) and even the new  Porcelain Doll variety (a rather squarish pumpkin that's honest-to goodness PINK skinned)

Pumpkins2013I think I'll have enough pumpkins to bake with this year, with enough to spare for canning so I could make pumpkin goodies all year round!
Tags: cooking, pies, pumpkin, rencuisine
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