Micole Khemarrica (khromat) wrote,
Micole Khemarrica

Another leg update....

Okay, time for an update:

  Surgery took place on May 15th.  Unlike the previous round, this time I woke up with a "ping!" as they were finishing up. went back into a nap and woke up in the recovery room without feeling woozy.  Also unlike the previous episode, I didn't spend the first week of recovery passed out on the couch.  I'm sure having Wolf Kidd and Elrabin visiting helped in that respect, but  I know it felt different this time.  Also, my foot wasn't back in a splint but in a full cast.

  I had a great time with my big brother and the even bigger cougar helping J.M. and me plant my micro-farm in the front yard, with me sitting on a bucket directing traffic.  We all saw Godzilla together (which was awesome!) and in general had a wonderful (if mostly relaxed) vacation for them.  My weekly visits to the podiatrist resulted in a collection of colorful casts, and at Week 2 the sutures came out (again, much easier than last time!) and it was noted that the scar was particularly clean looking.

This is now week 7, my cast is PINK, and next week I get x-rays to see if I'm up for a walking cast.  I've been fighting on-and-off depression which makes for a lack of creativity that only ascerbates the frustration and cabin fever of being down for a large part of a year.  It's still better than the last time, when I was out of school for 18 months because of two surgeries, but that doesn't stop it from being annoying.

On the bright side, this second-time surgery seems to be healing correctly, so with luck next week they will swap out this cast for a walking cast.  Still no ETA when I will be completely healed, though.  *sigh*

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