Micole Khemarrica (khromat) wrote,
Micole Khemarrica

Not Dead Yet.....

Just up for a little air... Finished my second quarter of school and the toughest accounting class of the cycle of three I need for my Business major.  It is now Spring Break, a week to 'relax' before Spring Quarter starts.  I say 'relax' in quotes because all the stuff I've put off this winter due to schoolwork needs to be addressed now.  Projects unfinished, house work that was on hold, a garden all but forgotten for a year is reminding me it needs tending... heck the backyard hasn't had water running back there in well over a year and the landlord is just now fixing it, so perhaps I can start beating back the wilderness that has grown on the hillside for the past 2 years of my incapacitation.

... Speaking of incapacitation, my medical saga continues with issues old and new.  While my right foot's metatarsal surgerical adventures have ended, that hasn't stopped my feet having issues:  my left achilles' tendon has developed a painful nob of inflammation which (if I can't get it to calm down by analgesics) may require that annoying S word -- surgery.  In this case, I would be in a cast over a period of a month, with my foot fully extended at first to keep the tendon relaxed while healing, slowly increasing the tension in successive casts.  Gahh. :P

Along with that potential nuissance, I've been tagged as "pre-diabetic"  with systemic inflammation (pretty much everywhere) so I'm on a battery of suppliments and new drugs to beat down the inflammation and prevent full blown diabetes.  So far, the modified diet and handful of meds seems to be helping, I'll know for sure when I get my next blood tests (the first time they took 15 vials!) I'm losing weight (slowly but steadily) and during the Spring and Summer months I will be using the pool to exercise, as I was feeling better after the winter quarter's adapted P.E. class but want to utilize what I've got at home (and save money).

Now to get back to plotting how to have a birthday cake with my current dietary restrictions and make it so everyone can enjoy it -- I'm going for a lemonny cake to fit into my 3D Peep Cake Mold (real Peeps will be used for decoration around it). Oh, and I'll be making braised rabbit for Easter Dinner as it happens to be my birthday and I can do what I want.  :D
Tags: birthday, medical, school

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